East Bungaree was founded after the division of the original Bungaree Stud. From 1980 to 1986 the Wylie family, Kangaringa, held the stud. In 1986 the Hawker family repurchased the stud and kept it until late 1995, when the stud and property were sold to the Litchfield family, Hazeldean Stud, Cooma, New South Wales. Tony & Mark Brooks purchased the Stud in 2005 and maintained the flock as a distinct strain of South Australian Merino. 

In 2020, East Bungaree was sold in its entirety to Collinsville Stud Merinos – marking the union of two of the largest volume Merino and Poll Merino breeders of Australia. The two stud flocks remain separate with normal continuity of respective bloodlines and management. The combination of East Bungaree and Collinsville Merino Studs brings collective experience, knowledge and long-lasting, profitable bloodlines to the Merino and Poll Merino Industry, collectively making up the largest volume producer in Australia.

Tony Brooks continues to actively work with the East Bungaree stud and sheep as the key person involved in selection and breeding of the stud bloodlines. Collinsville and East Bungaree are neighbours near Hallett, therefore the sheep will still be bred to meet the needs of customers in the Mid North of South Australia at Hallett. Both East Bungaree and Collinsville breed heavy-cutting sheep carrying a large frame with strong reputation across the world for profitability and productivity. The objective is to retain the valuable attributes of the East Bungaree Merinos – including size, fertility and the ability to thrive in pastoral country – but at the same time improve the quality of wool they grow.

There are 3500 ewes in the stud, 800 of which are elite ewes artificially inseminated to the best sires we can identify. These sires are a combination of East Bungaree and outside sires of proven ability to maintain wool quality and carcass value. East Bungaree Merinos are bred for producers looking for productive dual-purpose sheep that deliver in a range of environments.